Franks Restaurant, Franks Outback

Franks Restaurant, Franks Outback

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Our Story

Opened in the 1930’s as Marlows Supermarket, the Marlow family owned and operated this historic supermarket for over 50 years. The supermarket was a local’s favorite meeting spot for making phone calls (it was the only phone in Pawley’s), buying groceries and catching up on gossip.
In the late 1970’s, Salters McClary, a high school student, worked summers for Frank Marlow. Bagging groceries, stocking shelves and pumping gas, Salters became good friends with Mr. Marlow. After graduating from college and returning to Pawley’s, Salters kept his friendship up with Mr. Marlow. At 65, Frank Marlow decided to retire and Salters approached him about leasing the building and opening a restaurant.

In 1988, Salters and Elizabeth McClary opened a restaurant and named it Frank’s after Mr. Frank Marlow. In 1992, the McClarys took over the house behind the restaurant where Mr. Marlows mother once lived, and turned it into Franks Outback.
Today, 20+ years later, the McClarys still love the restaurant business and are constantly working to keep Franks one of the best restaurants in the Carolinas.



Painting of the original Marlows Supermarket opened 1930's