Franks Restaurant, Franks Outback

Franks Restaurant, Franks Outback

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Press Information

Regarding COVID-19

To the Frank’s and Frank’s Outback Community,

We want to reassure you that we’ve been closely following updates on COVID-19 and taking every measure possible to ensure the safety and protection of all our patrons. We have always prided ourselves with the most stringent cleaning and safety protocol but felt it was important to update you so we can continue serving all our guests with normal business operations in the safest manner possible.

We have added extra measures that you may notice including, frequent sanitation of bars, tables, and workspaces, wiping down menus, door handles or other frequently touch surfaces, additional and frequent handwashing among the staff, gloves at all time when food is being handled, and ……

If any of our staff are feeling unwell or showing symptoms, they are required to stay home. As guests, if you are feeling unwell, we encourage you to consider our takeout options or reschedule for a later date. If need to change your reservation, we will make sure you are accommodated in the future. For our out of town guests, if your travel plans have changed, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. Don’t forget our full menu is available for takeout!

In addition, we are here to help if you know of anyone in our community who is high-risk and cannot leave their home and might be in need of a meal. Please send us a message, and we will do what we can to ensure our community is fed.

We are closely following the guidance of our local, state, and federal authorities, as well as the latest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We will adapt if needed should the situation change, but it is our hope that we can navigate this time together. Follow our social media pages for updates or feel free to give us a call at (843) 237 – 3030 if you have any questions or concerns.

Bring your best elbows and fist bumps and come on in!

Elizabeth McClary (Owner)
Franks’ and Franks’ Outback
P.O. Box 1861
Pawleys Island, SC 29585