Franks Restaurant, Franks Outback

Franks Restaurant, Franks Outback

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About Outback

An informal atmosphere where live music on the weekends occupies guests between courses -The Charlotte Observer

Located behind Frank’s was Frank Marlow’s Mother’s house. After opening Frank’s in 1988, Salters McClary decided to renovate the old house and open another restaurant. In 1992, Frank’s Outback was opened. Initally, Frank’s Outback served only Lunch, but demand grew for another quality restaurant in the area and the Outback was transformed into a white tablecloth candlelight restaurant.


Frank’s Outback has 45 seats inside the building and interestingly, the patrons get to walk through the open kitchen to enter the dining room. Once inside, you sense a warm welcoming atmosphere. The walls are painted in a cool blue with original artwork on the walls. White tablecloths, candle light, hand polished silverware and glassware grace the tables. There are also 100 seats outside, set in a garden setting under a canopy of trees. The outdoor seats are covered and not affected by weather. In the Fall and Winter guests are warmed by infrared heaters and the large outdoor fireplace.


The service standards do not vary between Frank’s and Frank’s Outback. There is the same dedication to impeccable service. Waiters are trained to be low key yet attentive, with an eye for detail.


Pierce Culliton, Executive Chef since the opening, has put together a staff of talented young chefs. His award winning cuisine has become famous in the Coastal area. The menu is a mix of flavors from Low Country to Pacific Rim and is always prepared to order with the freshest, finest ingredients.